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RC Helicopter flying, RC Cars and RC boating

Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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First picooZ post

Siverlit PicooZ Posted on Jul 30, 2007 21:17:31

So I have to admit I do have a PicooZ and I have had it for some time. I got it for my birthday in March and it is the reason I bought my Lama. Currently it is broken and I am trying to replace the main rotor smiley I have replaced the rotor and it seems to be working smiley, but I havn’t glued it back together yet. I am worried the glue will dissolve the foam so I need to do some glue experiments before I apply it on my picooZ.

Xtreme upper bearing holder

E-sky Lama V3 Posted on Jul 30, 2007 21:05:00

I received an Xtreme upper bearing holder and an Xtreme flexible tail truss today. This was mainly because the tail truss in yellow was on discount and I wanted to make sure I got one of the yellow ones, before they stop selling those. I would like to keep my heli in the original look for now at least.
I have mounted the upper bearing holder. It is much more precise than the part it repaced. You can see it mounted in the picture below. I like this part very much. It even came with a bearing incuded. When I put it on my scale it displayed 0g so it can’t be very heavy.

I havn’t mounted the new tail yet. It is seen in the picture above. It’s the tail not mounted in the picture smiley. I shortly tried how it will fit when I mounted the upper bearing holder and it seems I will have to modify it a bit to make the upper screws fit the frame. Not a big modification though. When I put this tail on my scale it showed 13g