During the easter my brother gave me my birthday present 🙂 A Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT in black smiley He also has a mini Z so we set up a race track and raced. It was so much fun smiley
Today I upgraded it with ball bearings. Four 2-6-2,5 bearings are needed for the front wheels and three 3-6-2,5 bearings are needed for the rear wheels.

I have also ordered LEDs for lights. 3mm LEDs are needed and the body is prepaired for this. I have an idea for wireing so I will only need LEDs and wires. No resistors will be needed meaning the energy loss is minimized.

The wheels doesn’t look as good as I would like. Instead I think they should be black and at the same time some metal wheel nuts would be nice.

One of the mirrors had come off during racing. This was glued back on today with my plastics super glue.

Here are some pictures: