Yesterday another ESC arrived so i could have another try on getting the Walkera 4#3 upgraded to brushess. I was concerned if the motor would still work; last time I tried the upgrade I incidently de-isolated one of the motor wiressmiley
I didn’t know any way to put the insulation back on the lead so I put some heat shrink on the de-isoated lead.
Luckily the motor was still OK. Otherwise I would have to wait a long time for a new motor.

This time I was very careful when I did the installation. Every time I had made a change I tested if the set-up was still OK. I did that until the installation was complete so I immediately would know what went wrong.

The first problem I encountered was that one of the solderings I had done at my previous upgrade attempt was failing so I had to re do that soldering. This made me rather nervous as the light in the 4in1 disappeared and I believed I had destroyed the 4in1. I was quite releaved when I found that bad soldering smiley

When that soldering was fixed, the set up worked. The only problem was that the motor was turning the wrong direction. This meant I had to switch two of the wires to the motor around.

After that I mounted the ESC and the PWM->PPM converter and shortened the wires so they wouldn’t stick out of the canopy and to reduce the weight addition.

When I was all done I found that the bird had become nose heavy so I moved the antenna installation to the tail. That solved the balance problem.

Now the 4#3 is flying excelent with this new motor that hopefully will last a long time as the walkera ones didn’t smiley

I like the power of the new motor smiley I do however not like the added weight and I think the flight time is lower than with the stock motor and I will have to get used to the Low Voltage Cut-off. I also noted that I am not charging as much mAhs to my batteries after a flight as I was with stock set-up. I have read that a smaller pinion will give longer flight times so now I will start looking for a smaller pinion.

I had a look at the Walkera homepage today and i discovered they are releasing a 2,4Ghz version of the 4#3. It seems the new 4in1 has more adjustments available. That and better radio reliability would be the only reasons for getting one.

Instead of getting another 4#3 I am looking into a CP heli and recently I have started thinking of getting an RC Submarine. It seems RC Submarines are not very common and somewhat expensive.
I also found out there are two ways to make the subs dive: Dynamic and Static.
The dynamic divers uses the forward speed to submerge whereas the static divers are able to change their mass density by reducing or expanding air. At first I want to get a sub that is easy to build so I can get diving. Currently I am looking into the Robbe Seawulf.