The PN Racing mini Z 9t and 10t 64 pitch pinion gears arrived last week. Today I found the time to install a 9t pinion. I had to change the motor mount to get the motor close enough for the smaller gear. I also had to remove a part of the pinion as it was way too long. This was done by mounting the pinion and spin up the motor. With the motor spinning I used a small needle file cut off the excess part of the pinion. The pinion fits perfectly on the 1,5mm motor shaft.

In the first fligth after I installed this pinion the bird flew excellent with no Low Voltage Cutoffs (LVC) that had been bothering me with the original pinion smiley It also seems the tail is more stabile with the 9t pinion smiley

Perhaps now is the time to look for weight reduction of the walkera 4#3. This could make it even better.