During my vacation some upgrades for my mini-z arrived.
This includes a
new set of rims and tires and a ball diff. The
mini-z looks much better with black wheels and it is behaving very
different with the much softer tires. I believe the lap times were
halfed and now the motor can really be utilized. A more powerfull
motor would be worthwhile.

The tires are really
wearing fast. The wear is visible after each set of batteries and they
won’t last long.<br/>The ball differential is also a nice
upgrade. It makes straight acceleration much easier. Turning does
however change.<br/>All the upgrades are from PN Racing: http://www.pnracing.com

also got a capacitor, some new H bars, some steel king pins and a
silver Ford GT body. So far I have only used the king pins. These makes
the front suspension really

I am really happy with the
upgrades I have mounted so far. Next I will look into suspension and
perhaps a new motor. Anyway it is
just so much fun to make a track and race my brother, who has a similar