Yesterday I flew the Walkera 4#3 for the first time after I got the Sea Wolf. I was quite nervous if I could still fly it. I can still fly it smiley When flying yesterday the heli made a sudden drop and the main rotor wouldn’t turn. Then I discovered the canopy had been dispaced. I moved the canopy back and then the rotor would turn again. Later when flying this sudden drops happened again.

Today I decided to invesitgate what is wrong. The behaviour indicated a loose connection. This prooved correct: I found one of the solderings going from the ESC to the motor was broken. I re-soldered and then this bird flew perfect again smiley

It seems that one of the batteries has died smiley It only allows a very short flight and the charger only charges about 200mAh into the battery after having discharged the battery. So I only have 3 good batteries remaining. That should be enough for now smiley

Some time ago I discovered that Walkera had released the Walkera 4#3A and the Walkera 4#3B. Both are 2,4Ghz. The A version has a plastic rotor head where the B version has a metal rotor head. Both versions also have a different motor from the original 4#3. I went to to see what people think of this updated bird and the info was extremely positive. The motor should live much longer, the servos should be better and it should be more durable all in all smiley

Perhaps my original 4#3 should be retired and a 4#3B take it’s place smiley

I didn’t get this stated before, but I broke the Sea Wolf during this week. I have written to Robbe for a replacement of the broken part but have had no response yet. I think I will look into a temporary solution to get it working, until I can get the correct spare part.