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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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How to modify the Sea Wolf for static diving

Robbe Sea Wolf V2 Posted on Jul 19, 2008 20:41:43

I have found a few threads on on how to modify a Robbe Sea Wolf into a static diver. It doesn’t seem to be very complicated though some parts are needed.
These are the threads: and

There are two ideas but the one I prefer is the one with the water pump and the water bag. One thing is to find room for these extra components. For that reason the battery can be replaced. I would like to use Sanyo batteries. Form my experience with my Mini-Z Sanyo produces high quality cells. I first thought C cells was the way to go. Then I discovered the AA batteries comes in 2700mAh capacity whereas C cells doesn’t come in much larger capacity. This means I will get most mAh from using AA cells.

I have measured I can have 20 AA cells in about half the space the lead cells take up. 20 AA cells makes it possible to make a 5s4p battery with 6V 10800mAh. That is the double capacity in half the space smiley

At the same time it will free up room for the water bag.

Then I will need a pump at 6V and a way to control it. Robbe produces a suitable one. They discuss a switch but a reversible ESC should solve the same problem as well. That would also allow for very precise bouyance control.

Then I would also need some tubes, a water bag, a vault and a water filter. These should all be aquarium and medical accessories.

A final thing that I believe is a must for a static diver is a failsafe that will empty the water bag if the signal is lost. That should bring the sub to the surface.

This mod got me wishing for a more advanced transmitter having more channels, so I can control more stuff in the sub smiley This mod hopefully takes my mind away from that nice Engel Akula RC Sub I have been looking so much at lately

Ford GT H-bar broken

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Jul 19, 2008 10:56:31

Yesterday while I was racing the Ford, I went over a small obstacle and suddenly the Ford drove very strange. I inspected it and found that the H-bar was broken. Luckily I had a set of extra PN-Racing H-bars lying around, that I hadn’t tried out yet.

So I selected the softest one and put that in place of the broken one. I think the Ford got even better grip with the rear tires with this H-bar so I would call this an improvement. The reason why I selected the soft one was exactly to get better grip on the rear tires.

This was the first vital part to break on my Mini-Z. It has taken some abuse by now so I think this is OK. I didn’t expect this to break though. Hopefully the new one will last longer. At least it is made of Carbon Fiber. The first CF part on my Mini-Z smiley