One week ago I visited the hobby fair in Valby. Here I saw a lot of exciting hobby stuff. There was a lot of train and some other hobby shops. RC stuff was also there. The result was that I bought an 1/18 Anderson Truggy. There was no electrics included so I had to buy a new motor, ESC, servo and I found out I also needed a new battery.

I bought the motor, ESC and servo immediately and went home to mount it all. The most interesting thing is that I decided to go for a 3500kV brushless outrunner that would operate with 3s LiPo batteries.

Installation went well, except for when I had to replace the motor shaft. There was no way I could get that shaft out, so I had to go back to the shop the next day to get it replaced. That went well, but a few magnets came out and were put back in.

Later I found out the magnets had been placed incorrectly. This meant that the car would only go very slowly forward. As I knew the magnets had been out I figured that was the cause for the faulty motor operation so I took out some of the magnets and figured out how they should be placed. After this the motor worked fine. One detail was that I had to cut off about 1 mm of the shaft. Otherwise it wouldn’t fit. At the same time I flattened a part of the shaft, where the pinion would be fixed. That should secure the pinion better.

After having re-fitted the motor the car was ready to go. I went outdoor and raced it for a short time. Then the ESC would start doing cut-off and that only got worse. When I stopped racing, the battery was hot and deformed. That was when I concluded I would need a new battery and one was ordered.

Yesterday the new battery arrived and today I had the time to try it out. The new battery is a 3s LiPo. I was amazed how fast that car would go with that battery. I didn’t have a lot of room so I hardly tried it out at full speed. The speed potential seems great 🙂

The next thing will be to get it painted and to show it off to my collegues. Some of them have similar cars. Regarding the paint scheme I am considering a gold and black paint scheme but on final decision yet. Painting isn’t urgent right now. Instead I should get on with the boat I am building.