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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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Trimming the VOSPER

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on May 30, 2009 17:22:21

As the nose of the VOSPER was pointed almost vertically when going full speed I decided to do some trimming. The first thing I have done is to increase downward water deflection at the rear.

I tried it out last Sunday and it works fine smiley The nose isn’t pointing upwards anymore. I do however have one problem left to solve: The VOSPER is leaning seriously to the right as I am using a right turned propeller. My plan is to increase water deflection at right to balance the propeller torque.

More posts and pictures will follow.

Gravel guard installed

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on May 30, 2009 14:40:28

As stated earlier I was having trouble with small stones coming into my motor on my 1/18 truggy. That is what you get from installing an outrunner smiley I am still in favor of using outrunners as I believe this is the right way to build motors. The problem is they are harder to cool and they are harder to protect from gravel.

One of my friends suggested taking a metal colander apart and use the filter to protect the internal parts of the racer. And so I did smiley

We discussed two ways of protecting the motor. One way was to protect just the motor and the other way was to protect all the parts inside the car. I selected the second option.

So I cut the filter off the colander, cut it to shape so it would fit on the front and the rear of the chassis, leaving the gear boxes outside the protected area. Then I drilled four holes in the chassis and mounted the filters on the chassis using four screws.

With the filters mounted I bendt them to shape so they would fit beneath the body. I think the result is just as I want it to be smiley

I tried it out yesterday and the result seems OK so far. I encountered a different problem yesterday. Once again the pinion gear came loose, so I won’t say I have tested this gravel guard sufficiently yet.

The pinion is a different story and it seems I should learn how to use loctite. There seems to be several different kinds. Currently I am trying with blue.

More info and a picture of the gravel guard will follow later.