One nice thing is when you find a ship under the Christmas tree. This year I found a Revell 1/72 S-100 Schnellboot with the Flak 38 smiley At first sight it seems like a very nice kit and I naturally started looking around the web for build logs. I found a video at YouTube that seems very informative:
//–>From the video it looks like he is using a Robbe roxxy 1820/16 brushless outrunner for motor. There is lots of other neat details on that boat so I may contact the builder when I get to do this kit.

I also found a place where better decals can be acquired:

Here is a build description:

The build description points to a very good site for flags: The S-100 will definitely need a different flag as it is to be an RC model.

A few more build logs:, and

Some reference material: and