I have been working on getting New Jersey completed. The lower deck is now almost in place and working as I intend. A bit more silicone and it is hopefully done. A functional test will be conducted at this point. The upper deck attaches nicely to the lower deck. No risk of loosing that I believe. Furthermore there should be very little risk of water ingress.

Further I have been working on the link 11 antenna. I believe it is complete. Then I am working on one of the helicopters and on the anchor chains. One in place so far. Waiting for the glue to set.

The upper deck is stitched together in one piece. This was also some project. I had to remove extra deck material and use extra polystyrene pieces to ensure good joints.

It is now also for certain that this boat is New Jersey. I put the name and hull number decals on the hull and secured them with some matt varnish.

Then I am of course missing some details that I intend to put on as the last. For one thing the hull side railing is missing. Then I could add some crew.

I hope to bring some pictures soon.