Last Wednesday I went to the pond in Vallensbæk with my Phantom. That’s the boat I run most as it’s usually running well and easy to prepare.

This Wednesday there was something in the water that I hit. The result was that the coupling broke and I had to wait for the wind to blow the boat in. This means that I need to repair the Phantom. This gives me the chance to do some improvements I have wanted to do for some time to this boat:

1: I’ll try a rubber coupling. I hope that will transfer less vibrations so the boat will be quieter.

2: Add a cooling fan to the motor. I have a 30mm fan for an EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) that I am modifying to blow air through the motor.

Some pictures:

Further I have decided to use hex head screws whenever possible. These are much easier to access with tools in difficult locations.