Today I got the receiver for Möwe. A Spektrum MR200. I was expecting it to be waterproof like the MR3000 as it is a marine receiver, but it seems to be only splash proof, so I should probably secure it further against water.

Further some words on the electronics I have chosen.

I decided to buy a Graupner brushless ESC along with the boat: Best-Nr:
7232. It is designed for up to 4S LiPo and 18A. The BEC delivers 5,5V
and 2A. I programmed it today. It seems to be a nice ESC, comparable to
the Robbe ROXXY 9XX series. As the motor rotation can be reversed, I am
thinking of soldering the motor wires to ESC. This means lighter weight
and eliminates connector failures.

For battery I am going to use LiPo. I have some small 2S and 3S.

I also have a Robbe/Futaba S3106 servo lying around. That might go in. Otherwise I might use one from my Lama heli.

As it can bee seen in the pictures below, I started painting. The chosen red colour is Revell 322.