Monday I received the spare parts for Möwe and for my Phantom. I haven’t done anything regarding Möwe yet, but I have installed the coupling in my Phantom. The coupling is: R1445 Robbe Flexible Coupling 3.2-4mm. This fits nicely on the motor with the 3,2mm insert, but I had to make a 4mm to 3mm bushing for the coupling to fit the propeller shaft. Not a big deal just a piece of 4mm brass tube that was split as the bushing that comes along.

Yesterday I tried it out. At first I thought there was something wrong but then it started behaving nicely smiley Perhaps it needed a little running in? I do believe it has become more quiet and less vibration is transferred to the hull smiley

I also decided to try out the amp/temp sensor extension that I have bought for my Quanum/turnigy telemetry system. I couldn’t try the Amp sensor at the connectors are incompatible. The temperature sensor did however work nicely, and it is nice to know how hot the motor really is smiley I don’t want to burn another motor like I did in the Slo-mo.