Last Sunday I brought Maja the the club pond to try it out. It actually ran quite well, but there was one problem: There was water ingress. I haven’t found out exactly why but I added some extra silicone, where I suspect the problem is.

Then later I wanted to try out with a 3S LiPo. I added some telemetry so I could see power consumption. When I connected the battery I noticed that about 1A was being consumed, without the motor running and shortly after I smelt burned electronics so I quickly disconnected the battery. The motor never ran.

I can’t see the battery being to blame as both motor and the ESC are rated for 3S LiPo. It might be that the TX wasn’t completely neutral? It might also be that water had entered the ESC?

It not perfectly clear if it’s the motor or the ESC that’s broken. At first I have ordered a new motor as that is cheaper.

Otherwise I am working on completing the details and I made a boat stand in plexi-glass.

More info will follow…