Earlier this week I got the new ESC. This time I am using a Robbe ROXXY 918. So far I only have good experiences with the Robbe ROXXY 9XX series. Furthermore I have a Robbe programming card.

When I tried the motor and the new ESC out on the workbench, I found that neither the ESC nor the motor would heat up. The motor would use up to 1A at full acceleration with no load. When loaded in water under max acceleration the peak ampere usage would be about 4A.when using a 3S LiPo.

Furthermore I modified the motor for improved cooling by adding a 30mm EDF fan that I adapted to fit to the motor. See the pictures:

Today I brought her along to the model boat pond to try her out. With a 3S LiPo se was very fast, but wasn’t very controllable. The rudder had almost no effect at full speed smiley At low speed she is very maneuverable however. That is really why I built her.

I am still having trouble with water coming in. I am suspecting that the water ingress is through the rudder shaft. So today I lubricated the rudder shaft with silicone grease. Let’s see if that does the trick ?

Thanks for looking smiley