Recently I bought some 808 #16 cameras. For this reason I have decided to put one of the cameras on Slo-mo-shun IV to see what videos that will give. The way I figured I would do that was by putting some Velcro in the driver’s position and make a foam camera mount. This can be seen on some of the pictures below.

Last Sunday I brought Slo-mo-shun IV to the model boat pond to try out the modifications I have made throughout the winter. It seems that the balance in the boat has become better. It is still a bit jumpy to my taste. I am however not sure whether I’ll be able to move more weight forward so for now I’ll leave the weight distribution as it is.

Instead I decided to carry out an experiment with what I understand as the front lower spoiler. I have added two pieces of polystyrene to make the rear edge of the spoiler sharp and to form a cavity in front of the vertical rear wall of the spoiler. This can also be seen in the pictures below.

When I was at the pond I also tried out a Prop-shop propeller for what I believe is a cleaver/hydro propeller. Bernhard had it along. As far as I recall it was a 3 bladed 4217 propeller. That made the boat really fast, but it also made the motor really hot. So that prop/motor combination don’t match too well. For this reason I am begining to think that I should be looking for a lower kV rated motor or learn how to wind a brushless motor myself, so I can modify the motor performance.

Some pictures:

PS: I also went to the pond today. As one can see in some of the pictures, the boat became more wet on the top, than on the bottom smiley