Last Sunday I brought Slo-mo-shun IV to the model boat pond to try out the hull modification and to try recording some video with one of my 808 #16 spy cameras.

I think the hull modification works really well. The oat seems to stick better to the water with the bow. Perhaps the propeller also contributed to this. I was running with a Graupner 34,5mm 1,4pitch hydro propeller.

Now it seems that motor temperature is an issue. To try to solve this I intend to try out some motors with lower kV ratings. The current motor is rated at 1600kV. A new motor will be a winter project. Instead I might try some more hull modifications.

The camera was placed in a Tic-Tac box I made for my Sea Wolf. On the Sea Wolf I seal the Tic-Tac box with Vaseline. I hadn’t sealed with Vaseline last Sunday because I wasn’t expecting water ingress when used on the surface. When I got home, I did however find some water inside the Tic-Tac box. So when using the camera on Slo-mo-shun IV, the Tic-Tac box should be sealed with Vaseline.

Video (Cut down from 36 minutes): there is no display on the camera, I didn’t know what I was filming before I downloaded the video to my computer. Next time I will point the camera a little more downwards. Hopefully this will give a better sensation of speed smiley