The past weekend I went to Jutland for some visits. As I know Fussing lake is quite nice for running my Sea Wolf, I had brought it along. I also brought a couple of cameras with the intention of recording some video from the submarine.

I found that I was quite lucky. The weather wasn’t too bad and fish were swimming around in the area I operated the submarine. Furthermore the water plants weren’t growing too wildly so I could get close to them.

I made the first attempt on Saturday. The video filmed on Saturday all ended up being more or less Gray with no interesting content. From this I learned that the visual range in the lake is quite limited.

For this reason I decided to have another go at Sunday. At this time I mounted the camera below the bow of the submarine. This was to get closer to the bottom of the lake to reduce the distance as the visual range was limited.

I believe it had one other positive effect: It created shade in front of the camera so the sunlight wouldn’t reflect from small parts close to the camera. I believe this increased the visual range for the camera.

Here is the video I made from the recordings: fish seen in the video are perch.

I have one improvement in mind, that I believe will make it easier to create video recordings with interesting content: The camera should be pointed downwards.

Some time has been spent on figuring out how to do that. I would prefer not to modify the submarine too much and have easy access to the camera. Here is what I have come up with: I will try putting an angle on the Plexiglass on the enclosing Tic-Tac box and use the refraction of the water to make the camera look downwards.

This will allow me to mount the camera in the same way below the bow using a rubber band and still give me easy access to the camera.

I am currently studying some mathematics to figure out the angle of the Plexiglass for the Tic-Tac box.

Hope you took the time and enjoyed the video smiley