As I believe I stated in my previous post I was looking into some mathematics to calculate the angle of the glass that should go in front of the Tic-Tac box.

After some thinking I derived a formula: angle = atan( – (1,33 * sin( desired_angle )/(1 – 1,33 * cos( desired_angle )))

To make it easy to calculate more angles, I made a python function. Here are some calculations results:

Wanted deflection angle Glass angle
5 deg 6,65 deg
10 deg 13,3 deg
15 deg 19,95 deg
20 deg 26,6 deg
25 deg 33,25 deg
30 deg 39,9 deg
35 deg 46,55 deg
40 deg 53,2 deg
45 deg 59,85 deg
50 deg 66,5 deg
55 deg 73,15 deg
60 deg 79,8 deg
65 deg 86,45 deg
70 deg Not possible. Angle greater than 90

I may buy a Lazer to test the results above. One concern I have is whether the refraction will split the light into the different colours. Hopefully this will be negligible.

Anyway I’ll try making a Tic-Tac box with angled glass and test it out to see if it works smiley

PS: Note this will only work when the inside of the Tic-Tac box is dry and the angled glass on the Tic-Tac box is submerged in water!