Some weeks ago I spoke with one of the fellows from the model boat club. We were discussing torpedo boats and I complained about the quality and look of the 40mm Bofors guns on the Robbe PT-15.

He suggested that I acquired some 1/35 scale Bofors 40mm guns even though the Robbe PT-15 set is scale 1/40.

After some investigation I found that the Italeri 1/35 40mm Bofors gun seemed the best option. The only problem is that this kit is out of production. For this reason I decided to get two sets of this kit as soon as possible. I found one on ebay and another one in an English web shop.

At Thursday both guns had arrived. and the impression I have is that this gun won’t look over scale. I seems about the same scale as the guns that are to be constructed in the Robbe kit.

Here are a few pictures I shot of the Italeri kit:

The guns will need some modification to look right for the Robbe PT-15 but hopefully not too much.