I know not much is missing for this boat to complete, but still some details to do. I have been adding some. For instance I added fire hoses. These are not included anywhere in any kit, but I found some ø0.4mm hose in cream colour and used that. I couldn’t find anything woven that would fit in. I don’t think that hose will go on the kit as standard. The photo etch kit is probably needed.

Then I have finally figured out how to fix the superstructure. Once again rubber bands is the solution. It can be seen in the pictures below. The reason for taking the rubber band back and forth is to have more rubber band to stretch so it becomes easier to attach to the hull.

Then I added the life rafts and some railing. Still some paint to add. Also there are a few more details to add. I haven’t figured out whether to add some stretched sprue as wires in the mast. It will definitely be needed for putting on a flag. Then I don’t understand exactly what flags to put where.

I also broke one of the antennas on the side of the superstucture. I am trying to fix that as well.

When all these remaining details are done and a little paint added, this boat is ready to be launched smiley

Hopefully launch will be sometime this summer smiley