The last thing to do on the PT-15 was to add a flag and some rigging. I bought a canvas flag instead of the paper flags supplied by TAMIYA. Hopefully it will last longer and look better. Then I stretched some cotton swabs to get some rigging and used this in place of streched sprue. There is no clear instructions regarding rigging in the construction manual for the kit. The best is a picture, where some rigging is added.

Before adding the rigging I attached the flag. Much easier to do before the line is attached to the mast. Then I used a reverse action tweeser in a “third hand” to hold the lines in place. While the line was held in place I fixed it with CA. To get the lines going to the air vents well placed, I drilled some 0,3mm holes on top of the air vents.

Here are some pictures of the rigging and how I attached it:

This completes this build. I need to apply a drop of paint and then this boat will be photographed. After that I’ll need to build a transport box so this boat can be transported and launched smiley