Today I brought the Fortune to the model boat pond to test it out. After one of my cats had broken some of the rigging I had to learn how to tie knots that wouldn’t slip so I could fix the rigging. So far I am very happy about the modifications I have done. The rudder end keel keeps this boat upright and under control. I could even keep up with another modified Fortune.

The modified electronics also worked very well. I don’t think I ever lost the radio link and the sails were under control. The telemetry told me the voltage of the battery in the boat.

The thing that brought me in was the battery in the transmitter…

Talking with one of the other modellers at the pond I had a new idea for modifying the electronics: Add a sub micro steering servo for the rudder and keep the two main servos. The front servo will control the front sail and the rear main servo will control the main sail. That should give me twice as much power to pull the sails and give me the ability to trim the sails individually.