For some time I have wanted to add a sound module to my UNIMOG. From my Leopard tank I know how sound adds to an RC unit. After spending some time researching, I finally decided for a beier-electronic USM-RC-2. Link to beier-electronic.This was the only sound module I could find with UNIMOG U900 sounds available. Furthermore it has a build in amplifier so I wouldn’t need a separate amplifier.

For speaker I thought that the ones that were offered along with this unit were too big. Further I wanted a cabinet so I went on ebay to see what I could find. I found this music angel that is about 50mm x 50 mm x 50 mm. That wasn’t too big to go inside my UNIMOG. My intention always was to take the music angel apart and only use the speaker and the cabinet.

When I finally got my music angel and took it apart, I learned that the speaker didn’t meet the required specifications. My solution to this was to get another music angel and take that one apart as well just to use the speaker. Then I coupled the speakers in series and they were up to the required specifications. Getting another speaker also solved my problem of sealing the other end of the cabinet. So now I have two speakers in the same cabinet. The only problem with having two speakers in the same cabinet is that the speaker’s magnets are pushing apart. To keep both speakers in the cabinet I put a strip around the speakers and cabinet. That will also make it easy to take the speaker and cabinet apart if I need to do so.

In my view the USM-RC-2 is a very advanced piece of electronics with a lot of options and controls available. I am not really using much of what this unit can do. My Spektrum RX and TX are too limited to allow me to do much more with it. If I was to do more, I would transfer to my Futaba RX/TX. To program the USM-RC-2 a windows program is needed and I found the data cable very helpful when finding out why my sound unit didn’t do as I wanted it to.

As I mentioned before I am not really using all the things this unit can do. I am just using it for sound. I have set it up so the engine sound will depend on the throttle. Then I turn the sound on and off when I turn the lights on and off. So lights and sounds come on at the same time.

Here are some pictures of my modified UNIMOG’s interior:

I know pictures don’t say a lot about audio. So I intend to make a video that demonstrates the audio.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed smiley