By lucky chance I found a snorkel for a TAMIYA U900 UNIMOG on ebay. I immediately purchased it as I have always wanted to have snorkel on my UNIMOG as the ones used in the Danish army had snorkels.

I was thinking I would never find a ready made snorkel, so I thought I would need to make one myself but what do you know? The next thing would be door handles smiley

I have cut mine a little shorter as I think it is too long and the pipe lengths aren’t exact as wanted them. Then I have fixed it at the top to resemble the original. I made this fix from a ø1mm brass rod where I cut a thread and then some M1 brass nuts and washers.

To fix it at the base I used the original fixing. Here I also cut the extending rod on the snorkel to length and then drilled a 1,6mm hole for the original screw.

Here are some pictures of the snorkel installed:

I still need to paint the fixing. I’ll do that when I have something else to paint in the right colour.