After a lot soldering I have finally installed lights on the Bruiser. 18 LEDs call for a lot of soldering. I am not very proud of how the the wiring looks, so I am not going to show it, I know I have at least one bad connection. Instead I am looking into having a PCB purpose made for power distribution. I am talking with an electrical engineer at work about how to do it. Making PCBs myself is something I would like to be able to do for this and other projects. I see it as a very useful skill to possess.

The beier-electronics USM-RC2 is very capable of making the lights just right. Light intensity can be adjusted for each output so it isn’t necessary to calculate resistors and replace these to make adjustments. Furthermore there is a lot of modes and settings designed for controlling car lights so I am quite happy with this unit.

Regarding the tail lights: TAMIYA didn’t make light buckets for the different colours of tail light. For this reason I added some small plastic strips inside the tail lights to separate the different lights. The most troublesome one is the reversing light as this is white will spread to both indicator and rear lights. To reduce the problem further I also reduced the reverse light intensity significantly. Regarding colours I believe it is better to use coloured LEDs in the colour the light is supposed to be. Relying on the coloured/painted plastic lenses and white LEDs may not give the best result

Here are some pictures of the HiLux with lights on:

I’ll start looking into having this PCB made and perhaps increasing the track width of the front wheels. Otherwise it may be time to start looking into another project, enjoy running this car and show it off smiley