This Saturday I received the license plates for my Mercedes. The registration number is from a car I once owned.
Attaching the rear license plate was easy. Just a little paint on the sides of the old license plate and glue the new one on top using CA.
The front one was more tricky. No license plate mount is on this car from the factory so I had to make my own. There are numerous pictures on the internet showing Mercedes Benz SLS AMGs with front license plates mounted so it is just a matter of a quick search to find out how this should look.
I used some plastic parts I had to make the front mount, glued directly to the back of the license plate.

The license plates need a little touch up. I did that with black paint. One of the numbers had a gap that I closed and then the sides were also painted black as was the front license plate mount.

The license plates need to be bend on the middle to look right. The rear one was just glued in place. No problem. The front one I tried bending using hot water. I managed to bend it, but it has some cracks now. Next time I will try using heat. Note that the bending to the front license plate was done before I made the mount.

The plates were made by customcutsde on ebay. They don’t resemble Danish license plates 100% but I am happy with them. One advantage is that he creates the frames as well so I don’t have to do that.

Some pictures: