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RC Helicopter flying, RC Cars and RC boating

Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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RC installation – finally

Aero-naut Jenny Posted on Jun 22, 2019 21:15:30

I know it has been a while since my last post. I wanted to do the RC installation for this post. I had the RC installation in place last summer, but had some vibration from the motor and propeller shaft that I wanted to resolve and test out on the water.

As the season started late April have now had some time to do some test runs

I did a youtube video about the RC installation. The video should explain about the installation. It can be seen here:

So far I am very happy about the RC installation. I am running at 40% speed, which is enough for now as the deck hasn’t been mounted

The next thing will be to mount the deck.

Thanks for watching. Hope it will be useful for someone smiley

Mercedes body mounted

1/14 Mercedes Bens SLS AMG Posted on May 21, 2018 20:49:26

After installing the RC electronics the only thing I had left to do was to fix the lights. I re-used the LEDs that came with the car. Then I used 100 ohm resistors for the LEDs. The front lights are individual and each have their own resistor. The tail lights are coupled in series and only have one resistor. This should give the front lights more intensity than the rear lights.

I didn’t do anything smart with the lights. They just go on when the car is turned on. I use the battery connector on the receiver to power the lights. This means that I have a stable 5V power supply so the light intensity won’t be affected by the current draw by the motor under acceleration.

Some pictures of the car after assembly:

So far I haven’t been able to fit my driver into the driver’s seat. He is too tall. Perhaps I should just mount him without head smiley

Mercedes upgrade RC gear installed

1/14 Mercedes Bens SLS AMG Posted on May 13, 2018 14:30:57

After a long wait for an ESC I have finally installed the RC gear in the Mercedes SLS. I have used a Spektrum MR200 receiver I had ekstra, Then I bought a 10A brushed ESC off Amazon and used that. The ESCs I had ordered on ebay weren’t showing up so I ended buying the ESC on Amazon. (After I installed the ESC, all the ebay ESCs arrived a few days later). Finally I had a micro servo lying around that I used for the steering. The original motor was re-used. I didn’t try to remove it. It seems tricky to remove the motor.

Normally the car will be running on 5 AA cells, but it should be capable of a 2 cell LiPo. At least I used a 2S LiPo in testing. The only thing is whether the motor can handle a 2S LiPo? I don’t have the answer for that.

I had to do some modifications to the steering to be able to use a servo for control. I ended up connecting the steering arms with a turnbuckle and connect the servo to one of the steering arms. This took some modification to the steering arms, so I won’t be able to return to the original configuration.

Some pictures:

Next will be to get the lights working and to put the body back on. The driver figure is causing trouble because he is too tall, so I don’t know whether this car will have a driver?

Thanks for looking 🙂

Mercedes driver

1/14 Mercedes Bens SLS AMG Posted on Feb 07, 2018 19:37:27

To put more life to the Mercedes I have purchased a driver figure. This is the 1/14 TAMIYA truck driver, that I will try to fit in. I have put the body parts together but not gotten him seated in the car yet. My initial trials indicate that he is too high, so I might need to make him shorter.



Lacquer on the mahogany

Aero-naut Jenny Posted on Feb 05, 2018 20:53:57

For now I have put two layers of lacquer on the sides of Jenny, with sanding in between. This boat will need a lot of more lacquer and sanding. I will however stop for now as I want to make progress on other parts of this boat before I put on more lacquer as I risk damage to the lacquer in the build process. For instance I want to close the gaps in the hull smiley

Some pictures with two layers of lacquer:

Thanks for looking 🙂

License plates for the Mercedes

1/14 Mercedes Bens SLS AMG Posted on Jan 29, 2018 20:33:00

This Saturday I received the license plates for my Mercedes. The registration number is from a car I once owned.
Attaching the rear license plate was easy. Just a little paint on the sides of the old license plate and glue the new one on top using CA.
The front one was more tricky. No license plate mount is on this car from the factory so I had to make my own. There are numerous pictures on the internet showing Mercedes Benz SLS AMGs with front license plates mounted so it is just a matter of a quick search to find out how this should look.
I used some plastic parts I had to make the front mount, glued directly to the back of the license plate.

The license plates need a little touch up. I did that with black paint. One of the numbers had a gap that I closed and then the sides were also painted black as was the front license plate mount.

The license plates need to be bend on the middle to look right. The rear one was just glued in place. No problem. The front one I tried bending using hot water. I managed to bend it, but it has some cracks now. Next time I will try using heat. Note that the bending to the front license plate was done before I made the mount.

The plates were made by customcutsde on ebay. They don’t resemble Danish license plates 100% but I am happy with them. One advantage is that he creates the frames as well so I don’t have to do that.

Some pictures:

Trailing in Karlstrup lime pit with the UNIMOG

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Jan 24, 2018 20:03:06

This Sunday I went trailing with some of locals in Karlstrup lime pit. Here is a video one of the others made know it is a long video. I hope you enjoyed it anyway smiley

I won a Mercedes :)

1/14 Mercedes Bens SLS AMG Posted on Jan 10, 2018 21:19:45

In the Christmas bingo at work I won a Mercedes. More precisely a Rastar 1/14 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG remote controlled car in red.

So I guess this will be my very short review.

When I got it home I first put some batteries in it to try it out. Five AA batteries in the car and a 9V in the transmitter. What I learned from trying it out: The drive train seems OK. Motor and gearing is done well enough to drive the car without cutting off all the time. It has a differential so turning isn’t too bad. There is some kind of suspension on all four wheels, but no damping. Range of the remote is about 5 meters. Speed control is max throttle or off (Which isn’t very fast). Steering is max turn ratio or straight ahead. So in my view the electronics can be improved.

The looks of this car is quite good. A quite good looking body and some fine interior with doors opening. No windows in the doors though. It seems that the looks is supposed to sell this car. Lights in head and tail lights do shine through the body though.

Because of the good looks and the decent drive train I have decided that I will try upgrading the electronics and touch up the body to make it look even better. So this car is for me and not for my kids.

The first ting was to take this car apart. 8 screws have to be removed to take the body off. Then the antenna and the lights are secured to the body. The lights had been glued using some hot glue. This could easily be pulled apart. The antenna is fixed in the roof. This means that the body needs to be disassembled even more before the body and the chassis could be completely separated.

So far I have applied some TAMIYA panel liner to the body and painted the inside of the body black. This is what I think should be done to the body. Then I plan to put in a Spektrum receiver, add a steering servo and use an ESC to control the speed. The receiver and the ESC will most likely be easy. In order to use a servo for steering I will probably need to modify the steering mechanics which will require some more work.

Some pictures of this car:

Now I am waiting for the ESC and some turnbuckles to arrive in the mail before I can do more. Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed smiley

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