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RC Helicopter flying, RC Cars and RC boating

Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

If only one of my units is of interest, this unit can be clicked on the right and only posts regarding that unit shows up.

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Discovered new walkera 5G6

Siverlit PicooZ Posted on Aug 05, 2007 13:01:13

Looking at one og the forums I discovered Walkera had made a new version of the walkrea 5#6 called 5G6 smiley It seems to basicaly the same heicopter with a few design changes. Link to 5G6 on the walkera homepage:
It seems to weight 57g whereas the 5#6 only weights 55g. This probably isn’t too bad but 2g is after all almost 4% weight increase.

PicooZ declared dead

Siverlit PicooZ Posted on Aug 04, 2007 19:36:35

Yesterday I tried out some glue for the picooZ and I found out it dissolved foam, so I have decided not to use that smiley After I found out I put it back together with rubber bands. The picooZ did however keep spinning so I don’t think replacing the main rotor did help smiley Something else must be the problem. I don’t want to spend more money and effort in getting it flying again. It’s not that fun flying compared to the Lama after all.
The best thing is the small size that means it won’t break things easily when you crash. If I want a small heli again I’ll get a Walkera 5#6 or similar. These small helis seem more gf friendly smiley

First picooZ post

Siverlit PicooZ Posted on Jul 30, 2007 21:17:31

So I have to admit I do have a PicooZ and I have had it for some time. I got it for my birthday in March and it is the reason I bought my Lama. Currently it is broken and I am trying to replace the main rotor smiley I have replaced the rotor and it seems to be working smiley, but I havn’t glued it back together yet. I am worried the glue will dissolve the foam so I need to do some glue experiments before I apply it on my picooZ.