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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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PT-15 launched!

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on Jan 10, 2016 11:25:38

Yesterday I finally launched my PT-15 smiley

I took it to the swimming pool that the model boat club has access to. In my view she performed more or less as I expected. She is not as fast as the VOSPER but she behaves really nicely on the water, even at full speed.If going slow she turn quite well but at higher speeds she doesn’t turn as tightly. I am also quite satisfied that she lies quite high in the water. I was concerned she would lay low when the deck and the superstructure was added.

No pictures, sorry.

PT-15 transport box

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on Dec 26, 2015 19:50:11

Finally I have found the time to build a transport box so I safely can transport my PT-15. This means that I have no excuses left for not launching my PT-15. I expect that to happen early 2016.
To fix the boat properly in the box, I cut some foam with my foam cutter, which was also a first time for me.

Here are some pictures of the box:


PT-15 picture slide show

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on Aug 09, 2015 20:04:57

After completing the PT-15 I made apicture slide show and put it on youtube. Here it is: hope you enjoyed smiley

Pictures of the finished boat

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on May 18, 2015 19:43:36

Yesterday I put some extra effort into shooting the PT-15 before it is launched. This should be the time this boat looks best ever. Here are the pictures:

So the next thing will be to make a transport box and launch this boat after almost 5 years of building smiley

PT-15 flag and rigging

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on May 15, 2015 19:41:30

The last thing to do on the PT-15 was to add a flag and some rigging. I bought a canvas flag instead of the paper flags supplied by TAMIYA. Hopefully it will last longer and look better. Then I stretched some cotton swabs to get some rigging and used this in place of streched sprue. There is no clear instructions regarding rigging in the construction manual for the kit. The best is a picture, where some rigging is added.

Before adding the rigging I attached the flag. Much easier to do before the line is attached to the mast. Then I used a reverse action tweeser in a “third hand” to hold the lines in place. While the line was held in place I fixed it with CA. To get the lines going to the air vents well placed, I drilled some 0,3mm holes on top of the air vents.

Here are some pictures of the rigging and how I attached it:

This completes this build. I need to apply a drop of paint and then this boat will be photographed. After that I’ll need to build a transport box so this boat can be transported and launched smiley

Replacing the broken antenna

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on Mar 29, 2015 20:19:45

In my previous post I mentioned that one of the antennas on the sides of the super structure did break. I have tried to glue it together, but that didn’t really work. Instead I ended up replacing it all with a Ø1mm round carbon fibre rod.
To do that I completely removed the broken antenna and drilled a little hole in the base for the new antenna. Then I cut a piece of carbon fibre rod and pointed the lower end a little bit so it would fit into the hole I drilled. When I as satisfied I glued the rod in place with CA. Now it just needs a little paint as does a few other parts on this boat smiley

Then I have taken some pictures of this part from the stern that I previously lost. At least I now have some pictures if I loose it again. The squares on the mat is 10x10mm so the pictures should be usable as reference.

Here are some pictures:

As one can see this boat is almost done now. I really believe I’ll be able to launch it this summer smiley

Adding details to PT-15

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on Mar 18, 2015 20:35:39

I know not much is missing for this boat to complete, but still some details to do. I have been adding some. For instance I added fire hoses. These are not included anywhere in any kit, but I found some ø0.4mm hose in cream colour and used that. I couldn’t find anything woven that would fit in. I don’t think that hose will go on the kit as standard. The photo etch kit is probably needed.

Then I have finally figured out how to fix the superstructure. Once again rubber bands is the solution. It can be seen in the pictures below. The reason for taking the rubber band back and forth is to have more rubber band to stretch so it becomes easier to attach to the hull.

Then I added the life rafts and some railing. Still some paint to add. Also there are a few more details to add. I haven’t figured out whether to add some stretched sprue as wires in the mast. It will definitely be needed for putting on a flag. Then I don’t understand exactly what flags to put where.

I also broke one of the antennas on the side of the superstucture. I am trying to fix that as well.

When all these remaining details are done and a little paint added, this boat is ready to be launched smiley

Hopefully launch will be sometime this summer smiley

PT-15 deck fixed in place

Tamiya PT-15 Japan MTB Posted on Jan 24, 2015 20:00:29

Not so much to say about it. I have fixed the deck on the PT-15. This means it will be somewhat harder to make modifications to the RC installation. I used Silicone to fix the deck. It will fill out cracks between the hull and the deck and it can be cut if I ever need to remove the deck. I had to do a tiny little adaptation to get the front deck fitted.

Now I’ll look into finishing a few deck details I couldn’t do before the deck was in place. Then I’ll have to figure out how to fix the superstructure so it will be easy to remove and I won’t loose it.

Here is how this boat looks now with the deck in place:


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