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Some Bofors 1/35 guns acquired for Robbe PT-15

Robbe PT-15 Motor Torpedo Boat Posted on Sep 23, 2012 14:09:41

Some weeks ago I spoke with one of the fellows from the model boat club. We were discussing torpedo boats and I complained about the quality and look of the 40mm Bofors guns on the Robbe PT-15.

He suggested that I acquired some 1/35 scale Bofors 40mm guns even though the Robbe PT-15 set is scale 1/40.

After some investigation I found that the Italeri 1/35 40mm Bofors gun seemed the best option. The only problem is that this kit is out of production. For this reason I decided to get two sets of this kit as soon as possible. I found one on ebay and another one in an English web shop.

At Thursday both guns had arrived. and the impression I have is that this gun won’t look over scale. I seems about the same scale as the guns that are to be constructed in the Robbe kit.

Here are a few pictures I shot of the Italeri kit:

The guns will need some modification to look right for the Robbe PT-15 but hopefully not too much.

PT-15 what to search for on the internet

Robbe PT-15 Motor Torpedo Boat Posted on Apr 09, 2012 21:10:09

After some research I have found out that a search for “gyoraitei 815” can provide some results. This is the first time I have found any pictures of the real thing on the internet smiley

Got the fitting set for the PT-15

Robbe PT-15 Motor Torpedo Boat Posted on Jan 21, 2010 18:16:07

Yesterday I got the fitting set for my Robbe PT-15 MTB : 1-1098. I decided to buy it now as I was worried it would go out of production and become hard to get. Perhaps I was expecting too much from this set, but I was somewhat disappointed when I inspected the set. The flags looks good seen from one side. From the other side they look bad. Then there are some lights included. There is however no description of which voltage they should be supplied with.
The remaining fittings look OK, but there is fewer of them than I expected.

Anyway it will be some time before I get to this kit so it feels good that I have this fitting set as it definitely will make this boat look better.

Robbe PT-15 acquired :)

Robbe PT-15 Motor Torpedo Boat Posted on Oct 17, 2009 11:52:17

The local hobby shop was displaying the Robbe PT-15 kit in the window and I was looking for a torpedo boat that would be somewhat larger than the Tamiya VOSPER. The kit doesn’t include motor and stern tube and a fitting kit is also recommended. The scale is 1/40 so it should handle some waves. I’ll probably use a direct drive brushless motor and some LiPo battery smiley

It will be some time before I get to this kit so do not expect a lot of updates regarding this kit in the near future.

The competition to this kit would be the Italeri 1/35 series