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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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Slo-mo-shun IV on-board video

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Jul 05, 2012 17:58:07

Last Sunday I brought Slo-mo-shun IV to the model boat pond to try out the hull modification and to try recording some video with one of my 808 #16 spy cameras.

I think the hull modification works really well. The oat seems to stick better to the water with the bow. Perhaps the propeller also contributed to this. I was running with a Graupner 34,5mm 1,4pitch hydro propeller.

Now it seems that motor temperature is an issue. To try to solve this I intend to try out some motors with lower kV ratings. The current motor is rated at 1600kV. A new motor will be a winter project. Instead I might try some more hull modifications.

The camera was placed in a Tic-Tac box I made for my Sea Wolf. On the Sea Wolf I seal the Tic-Tac box with Vaseline. I hadn’t sealed with Vaseline last Sunday because I wasn’t expecting water ingress when used on the surface. When I got home, I did however find some water inside the Tic-Tac box. So when using the camera on Slo-mo-shun IV, the Tic-Tac box should be sealed with Vaseline.

Video (Cut down from 36 minutes): there is no display on the camera, I didn’t know what I was filming before I downloaded the video to my computer. Next time I will point the camera a little more downwards. Hopefully this will give a better sensation of speed smiley

Slo-mo-shun IV modifications

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Jun 24, 2012 13:01:51

Recently I bought some 808 #16 cameras. For this reason I have decided to put one of the cameras on Slo-mo-shun IV to see what videos that will give. The way I figured I would do that was by putting some Velcro in the driver’s position and make a foam camera mount. This can be seen on some of the pictures below.

Last Sunday I brought Slo-mo-shun IV to the model boat pond to try out the modifications I have made throughout the winter. It seems that the balance in the boat has become better. It is still a bit jumpy to my taste. I am however not sure whether I’ll be able to move more weight forward so for now I’ll leave the weight distribution as it is.

Instead I decided to carry out an experiment with what I understand as the front lower spoiler. I have added two pieces of polystyrene to make the rear edge of the spoiler sharp and to form a cavity in front of the vertical rear wall of the spoiler. This can also be seen in the pictures below.

When I was at the pond I also tried out a Prop-shop propeller for what I believe is a cleaver/hydro propeller. Bernhard had it along. As far as I recall it was a 3 bladed 4217 propeller. That made the boat really fast, but it also made the motor really hot. So that prop/motor combination don’t match too well. For this reason I am begining to think that I should be looking for a lower kV rated motor or learn how to wind a brushless motor myself, so I can modify the motor performance.

Some pictures:

PS: I also went to the pond today. As one can see in some of the pictures, the boat became more wet on the top, than on the bottom smiley

Video of the real thing being moved

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Jun 15, 2012 21:47:28

Surfing youtube the other day I came across this video of Slo-mo-shun IV being moved. I find it shows some details I have not seen in any other videos or pictures. Some of the interesting details are the skid fin and the entire left hand side.

Here is the video:


New propeller and shaft for Slo-mo-shun IV

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on May 05, 2012 19:29:57

Today my goods from prop-shop arrived as I mentioned in my previous post regarding PT-15 Japan Torpedo Boat. Along with the parts for PT-15, I also ordered a new propeller and a drive shaft for my Slo-mo-shun IV.


The propeller specifications are ø: 35mm, 3 bladed, pitch 1.4 in stainless steel.

Slo-mo ESC moved forward

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Mar 25, 2012 19:27:18

To further improve the balance in my Slo-mo-shun IV I decided to move the ESC in front of the motor. This means that the ESC will not be easily accessible. Hopefully I won’t need to access it a lot. It took me some hours to install it there. Maja helped me out as her hands are smaller than mine.

This means that Slo-mo is prepared to run again. I am however waiting for a new shaft and propeller from prop-shop, but that’s not really necessary just to run.

A few pictures of the new RC installation in Slo-mo:


Slo-mo-shun IV figure almost complete

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Feb 19, 2012 11:20:57

As the headline indicates…

A few pictures.

He still needs a strap to hold the glasses and his body may need to be extended. Furthermore he might need a life jacket.


Slo-mo figure progress

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Feb 05, 2012 14:25:56

Just a few pictures of the new figure for Slo-mo-shun IV. Still some work to do.


Slo-mo rudder push rod installation

Billing Boats - Slo-mo-shun IV Posted on Feb 04, 2012 13:11:13

I just wanted to show the rudder push rod installation I made in my Slo-mo. See pictures below:

Hopefully this will keep the push rod from flexing too much smiley

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