This Christmas I had the largest present under the tree. It was a big box that contained a small helicopter. A Blade mCPx V2 RC helicopter. I have bound it to my Spektrum DX6i transmitter and before that I programmed the transmitter as it was described in the manual.

As I am a beginner when it comes to collective pitch I have been flying in the simple mode, where I can’t go inverted. I have however tried out the advanced mode and that also seems quite doable. I will however have to get used to use the throttle cut button to stop the rotor when in an emergency.

When it comes to flying I must say this helicopter flies really well. It might be because of the advanced flight controller that keeps it stable. When comparing to my Walkera 4#3 I find the Blade helicopter much easier to fly. I believe I have worn the Walkera out anyway. It has been some years since last flight and as far as I recall, it was acting weird back then.

The only shortcoming I can think of is the flight time. 3 minutes in trick mode or 4 minutes in normal mode. There is a good reason why two batteries are included.

Now I am looking forward to helicopter night in the model boat club. That will give more room to try out this helicopter and get to know it better.

A few pictures: