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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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UNIMOG winch

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Jun 10, 2015 20:37:10

When ordering some parts for my TAMIYA Bruiser I also ordered a winch for my UNIMOG. When I selected the 3-Racing CR-01 winch I thought it would go right on. Especially after I ordered the CR-01 mounting plate.


To mount the winch I bought an extra CR-01 bumper and cut it so I had somewhere to mount the winch. Then I cut a piece of aluminium, drilled some holes for mounting the winch and the cut bumper arms. To have the holes placed precisely I used my PROXXON coordinate table with my drill stand.

When I was done with drilling, I used my metal sheet bender to bend the ends of the aluminium piece so it could be mounted on the cut bumper arms. Then finally after this I replaced the winch hook with a RC4WD King Kong hook as the 3-Racing one looked awful.

Some pictures:

Now I am ready to rescue some Land Rovers smiley

UNIMOG propeller shafts replaced

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Sep 27, 2014 20:08:20

Today a new set of propeller shafts arrived. I decided to go with the TAMIYA carbon steel propeller shafts. An important property being that they are black and won’t stand out. The TAMIYA propeller shafts are manufactured well and precise. They are a little advanced to put together but nothing to worry about. When ordering beware they come in two different lengths. One of each length is needed to replace both propeller shafts.

When the shafts have been put together replacement of the old nylon propeller shafts is straight forward.

Now the UNIMOG is ready to take on new challenges smiley

UNIMOG propeller shaft broken

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Sep 22, 2014 20:48:30

This Saturday my UNIMOG had an accident, where it tipped over and the rear wheel set became blocked. The result was that the rear propeller shaft broke. See the pictures below. I must say that I am quite impressed with the force that the motor and gear box delivers. Deforming this axle like that is not something you do with your hands. Now I ordered the TAMIYA carbon steel propeller shafts for the CR-01 chassis. These will most likely last. The bad thing is that my UNIMOG is broken until I get the spare parts.

New UNIMOG motor

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Sep 07, 2014 20:06:10

Today I found some time to put a new motor in my UNIMOG. I had bought an RC4WD 35T crawler motor. Some Robinson Racing pinions (Be sure to get the metric Modulo .6 pinions) and some 3.5mm bullet connectors that match the ESC.

The first thing I did was to try if the pinion gear would fit the motor. Perfect fit. I did however find that the included grub screw didn’t fit my hex keys very well, so that was replaced with another better fitting grub screw. The pinion gear I have selected is a 18t. I also have the 16t and 20t pinion gears so I can make adjustments.

Then I replaced the connectors on the motor. Not much to that either. Just make sure to have a powerful soldering iron.

Then I took the UNIMOG apart. Also straight forward. Only one detail I would like to remark on: The RC4WD motor is different than the Mabuchi motor so the pinion gear has to be placed differently to match the spur gear.

Two pictures of the parts I purchased:

I only did a short run after the motor was replaced, so I believe it is too early to have an opinion on the motor so far.

This was the last upgrade I had in mind for the UNIMOG. So now I’ll have to figure out what to do next. Perhaps I’ll look into fixing some broken units before I look into a big project again smiley

Driver for the UNIMOG

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Sep 03, 2014 20:24:18

After some painting I have added a driver in the UNIMOG. I had bought a driver figure for a TAMIYA Bruiser and then painted him in a colour scheme that resembles the Danish M84 army uniform. Though buttons and pockets don’t match exactly, I don’t think that is a big issue. The hair cut looks like something from the 1975, but that is probably not too far off if the driver resembles what he would look like in 1985.

Some pictures:


Next: A new motor for the UNIMOG

UNIMOG headlights

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Aug 07, 2014 20:40:03

Ever since I made the body of the UNIMOG I have wanted to do something about the headlights. Finally I have done so. The thing I have done is to buy the P sprue for a TAMIYA Bruiser and use the headlights in place of the headlights in the UNIMOG. I wasn’t so happy about the stickers that was supplied with the UNIMOG. I couldn’t make them sit right without folding.

The way I have done is to drill a small hole in the approximate centre of the original headlight. Then I used a reamer that would go from 0 to 18mm to extend the hole. As 18mm isn’t enough, I used another reamer that goes from 10mm to 25mm to make the last extension.

The initial centre hole doesn’t have to be perfectly centred. It is possible to push the reamer towards one of the sides to get the lens hole centred. When the hole is big enough I fitted in the lenses from the Bruiser after removing these small taps on the sides. After the lenses had been fitted I fixed them with silicone.

Some pictures:


UNIMOG reinforced drive shafts and diff lock

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Aug 02, 2014 20:16:53

Another change I have been wanting to make ever since I put the UNIMOG together is to install the CR01 Reinforced Drive Shaft (Item #54108). The reason for wanting to do this is that some of the gears in the differentials bind when the differentials are locked. I had been waiting for these shafts to arrive since April and finally I got them and installed them.

There is not much to installing them. Just follow the instructions. A lot of screws will have to be unscrewed and screwed in again so it will take some time to make the installation. Due to the straight forward installation I didn’t take any pictures as there is nothing special to it.

For now I am satisfied with the drive train and I don’t have any plans to make other changes. Options for upgrading the drive train might be the pinion gear and the propeller shafts.

Pro-line tires on the UNIMOG

Tamiya CR-01 UNIMOG Posted on Jul 30, 2014 19:32:56

Ever since I put the UNIMOG together I have wanted to replace the tires with something more scale looking. My choice is the Pro-line Interco Super Swamper in size 2.2 on a set of standard TAMIYA wheel that have been painted green. I still have to paint all the screws and the wheel hubs green.

Regarding the foam in the tires I found some star cut foam on ebay. It should give better traction. Then there is wheel weights: I haven’t added any yet. If I can avoid wheel weights I would prefer that as I don’t like adding weight.

Some pictures:


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