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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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Added Xtreme production heat sink

walkera 4#3 Posted on Feb 23, 2008 22:09:43

Today I added the Xtreme production heat sink to the main motor of the Walkera 4#3. It was a little loose so I bent it a little to make it fit tightly smiley

It seems there is always a problem with this little bird smiley Today I encountered several:
1: Battery tray broken – fixed with soldering iron
2: A main wing was tightened
3: A flybar paddle flew off during flight – Was recovered and put back on
Maybe the main motor is also due for replacement?

Anyway it really flew excellent after the main wing was tightened smiley

Walkera 4#3 airborn again :-)

walkera 4#3 Posted on Jan 17, 2008 16:24:23

Yesterday I got my new batteries and battery holder for my walkera transmitter. I just had to charge the batteries and solder a JST connector onto the battery holder then the transmitter worked again smiley
The back cover og the Tx won’t close now. I don’t consider that a serious problem though.

I was a bit concerned if I could still fly this little bird but that went fine. I don’t think I am a where I was when I broke the rotor head but I wasn’t too bad a pilot smiley

I am also considering how to save weight on the Lama without making it look stupid. A brushless upgrade woud save a lot of weight but is also very expensive so this will be the last thing I do.

Walkera 4#3 repaired – batteries exploded!

walkera 4#3 Posted on Jan 13, 2008 11:44:41

Last night I repaired my walkera 4#3. This time I didn’t destroy any parts good in the process smiley It looks fine and seems to be working. The transmitter was low on battery so I didn’t get to fly smiley
Today I found out that the E-sky charger power supply fits right into the walkera charging jack and almost all seemed right. So I plugged it in and started charging. Some time later I heard a bang and I saw smoke from the transmitter. I quickly disconnected the power supply and opened the Tx. Here I saw meting plastic and batteries not looking good smiley
The batteries were placed in my kitchen sink as they were very warm and now I am looking for new batteries and a new battery holder. It seems that the Tx is still working.

To sum up: Do NOT charge your Walkera TX with your E-sky charger power supply!

Now I broke another rotor head :(

walkera 4#3 Posted on Dec 20, 2007 16:37:09

I replaced the walkera 4#3 main motor last night and it made the bird fly again smiley
Actually it flew so good that I tried flying around and then I hit an obstacle smiley and broke the rotor head smiley This is bad because I don’t have a replacement part and I don’t expect one to arrive before christmas and maybe not even before newyear. So there probably won’t be any more flying of the 4#3 this year smiley

Another worn out motor

walkera 4#3 Posted on Dec 19, 2007 17:27:59

It seems that the main motor on my Walkera 4#3 just doesn’t last long smiley Yesterday I experienced very short flight time again. This is exactly the same symptom as last time I had worn a motor out. So I will be replacing the motor tonight.

Anyway I think I am getting better at flying this little bird. I feel quite confident flying without the training gear smiley I am also beginning to try out some new flying that isn’t just taking off from the floor and make spot landing on my tables smiley

Broke the rotor head

walkera 4#3 Posted on Dec 02, 2007 21:29:18

Now it finally also happened to me. I broke the rotor head on my walkera 4#3 smiley
I had a spare so I have repaced it. It isn’t very easy to remove main gear from the shaft, so I broke some parts to get the main gear off and the process was quite difficult. I did however succeed and this little bird is flying again smiley
I checked miracle for a spare rotorhead. They were however sold out. I guess I will have to check until they get some more so I can have a spare one.

Now flying the 4#3 without training gear

walkera 4#3 Posted on Dec 01, 2007 16:51:26

Now I have had the walkera 4#3 for some months and today I felt confident and removed the training gear. I discovered that I can fly this little bird without the gear smiley Very unlike last time I tried. I also ordered some spare parts today to be sure I have them at christmas. It seems that replacing the main motor will be a recurring activity and it woud be too bad not having a motor at christmas.
The landing gear is very slippery so I think I will have to find out something to increase friction on the landing gear so the heli won’t spin 360 degrees at landings smiley

The motor was the problem

walkera 4#3 Posted on Nov 26, 2007 21:28:08

In the weekend I tried flying the 4#3 with batteries known to be OK and it only flew for a few seconds, so I concluded that the main motor was the problem. I couldn’t repace the motor in the weekend so I tried today and it prooved to be the main motor.
After having replaced the motor the 4#3 flies very well again smiley
I also received some new spare parts for it today. Two extra batteries and some misc. spares.
Now I am just wondering how many spare motors I should order smiley

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