Not so long ago I found out modern RC Car ESCs usually have build in
BEC. This meant that I would be able to eliminate receiver four pack on
my old Tamiya Vanquish so I went and got one.
One thing I had to
understand was that I could power the receiver through one of the
output ports. It also seems that output signals from a receiver hasn’t
changed for some time. The ESC is working fine with my old receiver smiley
also went over the car and completed painting it. I couldn’t find
silver polycarbonate back then when I first build the car. This is more
easily available now so I have tried to complete painting it. I am
however not competely satisfied with it so now I’ll have to try and
remove some excess paint as the masking didn’t work perfect smiley
added the Vanquish to RCGalleri last night and it was apperently
accepted with 100 acceptance points against 0 rejection points smiley I would call that an A+.
Here is the link to my Vanquish in (Danish):
has been so much fun getting this car running again. I am however not
going to run it a lot as it has become a collectors item and spare
parts are rare.
I have ordered the last ball bearings that were missing for it so it will have a compete ball bearing set.

Enjoy the pictures below: