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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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Update on steering blocks

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Feb 01, 2009 11:13:50

Thursday I want racing my mini-Z. This was the first time with the polycarbonate body and the cambered steering blocks. At the same time I tried out some new tyres.

So here is the conclusion:
The tyres were crap. I was spinning and had absolutely no control of the car. When I put the old tyres back on the car raced better than ever smiley

I had put the 2deg camber blocks on and I believe this also made the car better. Some other guys who had upgraded their cars more than me were also racing. I couldn’t keep up on the straight. In the turns it did however seem that my car wasn’t falling behind. I think that is very OK smiley


Cambered steering blocks

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Jan 29, 2009 16:35:47

Last week I received some cambered steering blocks Atomic (1½ and 2dg) along with some new tyres (GR8) and a new set of rear rims with 0 offset. I mounted the new 2dg. steering blocks yesterday and mounted the new set of tyres. I am going racing today, so we will see what difference this will make.

I had one problem when I mounted the steering blocks: The shafts were too big for the bearings, so I sanded them a little and then everything was fine.

The next thing to see is how the new tyres are worn?


Got a lexan body :)

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Dec 04, 2008 20:29:59

Today I got a lexan body for my mini-Z. It looks good and the mounting is included. I am however not impressed with the included mounting. The screws doesn’t seem to fit. The included mounting plates however seem fine. This is somewhat more important smiley It should be possible to find other screws that I like better.
As lexan always comes, this body is transparent and needs to be painted before it looks good. I was advised not to paint it black as that will make the car harder to drive. Instead I am considering silver as I have some silver paint from my Tamiya Vanquish.

Cheepex batteries corroded :(

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Jul 25, 2008 22:36:34

A few days ago I wanted to race my Mini Z, and I picked my cheepex AAA batteries. I charged the batteries and inserted them in the mini Z. I did however find that the mini Z wasn’t powered and I found that the problem was the minus terminals on the batteries being corroded smiley
I removed the corrosion and the mini Z worked fine again. I am however not buying more of these.

Ford GT H-bar broken

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Jul 19, 2008 10:56:31

Yesterday while I was racing the Ford, I went over a small obstacle and suddenly the Ford drove very strange. I inspected it and found that the H-bar was broken. Luckily I had a set of extra PN-Racing H-bars lying around, that I hadn’t tried out yet.

So I selected the softest one and put that in place of the broken one. I think the Ford got even better grip with the rear tires with this H-bar so I would call this an improvement. The reason why I selected the soft one was exactly to get better grip on the rear tires.

This was the first vital part to break on my Mini-Z. It has taken some abuse by now so I think this is OK. I didn’t expect this to break though. Hopefully the new one will last longer. At least it is made of Carbon Fiber. The first CF part on my Mini-Z smiley

New pictures of the Ford GT

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on May 18, 2008 20:56:36

I just wanted to show how the Ford looks with the black rims. See pictures below:

Mini-Z upgraded

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on May 06, 2008 19:42:50

During my vacation some upgrades for my mini-z arrived.
This includes a
new set of rims and tires and a ball diff. The
mini-z looks much better with black wheels and it is behaving very
different with the much softer tires. I believe the lap times were
halfed and now the motor can really be utilized. A more powerfull
motor would be worthwhile.

The tires are really
wearing fast. The wear is visible after each set of batteries and they
won’t last long.<br/>The ball differential is also a nice
upgrade. It makes straight acceleration much easier. Turning does
however change.<br/>All the upgrades are from PN Racing:

also got a capacitor, some new H bars, some steel king pins and a
silver Ford GT body. So far I have only used the king pins. These makes
the front suspension really

I am really happy with the
upgrades I have mounted so far. Next I will look into suspension and
perhaps a new motor. Anyway it is
just so much fun to make a track and race my brother, who has a similar

Alu nuts for the Ford

Kyosho Mini-Z Ford GT Posted on Apr 19, 2008 19:59:27

Today the silver alu nuts arrived for my Ford GT. Three of them went right on. For some reason the one on the front right wouldn’t go on. So I had to sand the shaft and I used a needle file to adjust the winding.
After that the nut would barely go on, so I had to apply some force. Now it seems that the paint is somewhat gone from the winding. Anyway it looks much better now and I got the nut on smiley

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