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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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Water guard installed

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on Jul 15, 2009 19:31:58

I had some problems with water coming into my VOSPER so I installed a water guard. See the pictures below. This improves much on the problem. I am going to paint it but thought it would be more obvious if I took the photos while unpainted.

I am also making progress on the Phantom. The sides are coming along fine and it seems to be easier than building the bottom. I also received a new shaft, some new propellers and other parts for this boat yesterday.

Today I also got the first motor for the USS New Jersey. A 10g brushless outrunner motor. I am going to use 4 motors of these the New Jersey. I am intending to remove the shaft from the motors and mount the propeller shaft directly in the motor so I won’t need a coupling.

I hope the pictures were useful.

Trimming the VOSPER

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on May 30, 2009 17:22:21

As the nose of the VOSPER was pointed almost vertically when going full speed I decided to do some trimming. The first thing I have done is to increase downward water deflection at the rear.

I tried it out last Sunday and it works fine smiley The nose isn’t pointing upwards anymore. I do however have one problem left to solve: The VOSPER is leaning seriously to the right as I am using a right turned propeller. My plan is to increase water deflection at right to balance the propeller torque.

More posts and pictures will follow.

More pictures of the VOSPER

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on May 06, 2009 19:53:15

Today I went to a photo studio and shot some more pictures of my VOSPER. Here they are:

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed the pictures smiley

Pictures of the VOSPER

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on May 03, 2009 18:26:10

Today I went sailing in Vallensbæk Modelskibs Klub, and Jens Made a few snapshots of my VOSPER. Thanks Jens smiley

Sailing with one battery

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on Apr 13, 2009 17:03:16

Today I took the VOSPER to a pond I used earlier for testing. I wanted to show it off to Maja. I decided to try it with only one battery inserted. It definitely floats better on the water when using only one battery and it seems just as fast. I didn’t see any problems with stability though the boat was lighter.

I also wanted to know whether the motor would get hot. So after sailing for some time I brought it in and felt the motor. It didn’t feel hot at all, so I don’t think I will have heat problems in this boat. I might if I decide to use a larger propeller. I have only used the 20mm propeller until now.

I am building a transport box for the VOSPER and it is almost done. Not a fancy thing, but the box should make it easier to transport this boat

Sea trials in a pool

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on Apr 05, 2009 09:16:00

Yesterday I brought the VOSPER to a pool that is used by my RC boat club to try it out and show it off. It seem that it is indeed very fast. I believe no one there could keep up with my boat at max speed. At the same time the boat is very manoeuvrable. All in all I am very satisfied with this boat smiley I think it is a little low in the water so I may try and run it with only one battery.

I also learned that the spoiler on the back could be pointed a little downwards. That should stop the nose from going up and the tail from going down when going fast. If and when I build another one, I will make that adjustable.

I also realized that my boat may be a little small for waves, so I think I need a larger boat. I already aquired a new boat for building: A Billing Boats: Phantom, kit no 710. I believe I already have all the radio equipment and most other stuff I need for making that kit. The most exciting part for me will be to build a boat hull out of wood.

I do however need to make a box for transportation of the VOSPER and some stuff in my apartment before I start that kit.

More pictures

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on Mar 25, 2009 20:16:37

Yesterday I did another test. This time with the deck mounted. The boat was somewhat lower in the water, but really performed well smiley I will mount the deck now. I might also try it out with only one battery to see how that works?

Kim had brought his camera and shot the pictures below. Thanks Kim smiley

3s LiPo test and pictures

Tamiya VOSPER MTB Posted on Mar 21, 2009 17:21:44

Yesterday I brought the VOSPER to work, but there was no water in the pool smiley so I went and found a nice place to try the boat out. This time I was using the two new 3s 600mAh. I was still using the 20mm propeller and the deck wasn’t mounted. This time it also worked really well. It’s a quite small boat, so it won’t handle much waves. It went really fast for it’s size. I didn’t really dare to go full speed with the deck not mounted. I didn’t get much water on the inside, but I did find a little, so I would like to have the deck mounted. The deck won’t make it waterproof, but it will make it more resistant to the waves. The boat still handles really well smiley After the test I set the rudder control to -50% EXP so I get smaller movements in the center but I still get the full movement at full stick input. That should make it easier to control the boat at high speed.

I did a little calculation about operating time: The max current draw from the motor is about 12A. My battery is 1200mAh. That would give me 1/10 hour of operation. That is 6 minutes at full speed…

Very soon I will make a test, where the deck is mounted to see how it behaves. I’ll do that test before I fix the deck to the hull.

As it may be visible in the pictures I have made a new boat stand. It is much better than the one supplied with the kit and I believe it won’t scratch the boat as the original one did smiley It isn’t perfect though but it will do.

As promised in the previous post I have made some pictures. Here they are:

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