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Made for other people and me to track what I am doing when with my remote controlled units. It started out with helicopters. Hence the name.

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Truggy crash

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on Jun 12, 2011 13:23:48

This Friday some friends and I brought our RC cars to work to have fun smiley It was great fun for a few minutes, until I hit one of the other cars and one of the control arms broke. In total 3 of 5 cars were damaged during this 20 minutes. My car usually runs till the end so it was a little different this time.

Here are some pictures of my crashed truggy:

I already fixed the car and it is ready to race again. Spares weren’t too expensive.

Anderson race video

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on May 11, 2011 17:46:26

Last Friday some friends and I brought our 1/18 racers to work. Kim mounted a GoPro video camera on his car and did a nice video available on youtube. He is showing some of the crashes on slow motion smiley

His race ended when he ran over my transmitter. At the end of the video there is a recording of my truggy doing a wheelie.

Have a look:

Two cars crashed, one survived smiley

The tyre came off the rim :|

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on Apr 16, 2010 17:57:47

Today I brought my truggy along to work to run it with some friends at work, who had also brought their racers.

We were running fine and no cars broke so much down that it couldn’t keep running smiley That in itself was a big success smiley

I was just me who came into trouble: One of the tyres came off the rim smiley This is caused by the glue that keeps the tyre in place apparently not lasting. After this I couldn’t go fast as the tyre would come off again.

Now I fixed all tyres with some CA. Some of the other wheels were about to do the same trick smiley

Spring has come – Truggy active again :)

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on Mar 27, 2010 13:35:02

Yesterday I brought the 1/18 truggy to work for the first time this year to race with one of my co-workers Thomas, who had also brought his truggy smiley

So we went outside and raced. For the first time ever I believe, both cars were operational after racing smiley, though we had a few crashes. Thomas had gotten a smaller pinion gear. This meant that his motor didn’t overheat and he could run for some time.

After racing I discovered that my steering servo had come loose. It is only fixed with double sided tape, so no bad damage and I expect to fix it today.

One more thing: I bought a set of road tires for the truggy. Naturally gold coloured. It seems that was money well spent.

Truggy fixed using LRP spares :)

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on Jul 30, 2009 17:57:09

As stated earlier I had worn down the pinion and spur gear in my truggy. My usual dealer was out of range and closed for summer vacation. Then I visited a local hobby shop and found some 1/18 LRP spares that are shared with Anderson.

I was lucky that he had the needed parts and now I have fixed the Truggy smiley
This time I have put some boat stern tube grease on the gears. Hopefully that will work well. If and when these gears wear out I might try the Atomic gears to see if they are any better.

I also went to another hobby shop today. Here I found a pile of small pieces that might come in useful at some point. So lots of small parts for me today smiley

Gears stripped :(

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on Jul 26, 2009 09:56:13

Yesterday I took the truggy apart to fix what I believed was a loose pinion gear. I had acquired some loctite 636 for fixing just that. When I opened the gear box I found that the teeth had been stripped from the spur gear and the pinion gear was looking odd. So right now I believe that regular loctite will work fine.

I am however looking for new gears. Hopefull I can find some more durable gears.

Gravel guard installed

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on May 30, 2009 14:40:28

As stated earlier I was having trouble with small stones coming into my motor on my 1/18 truggy. That is what you get from installing an outrunner smiley I am still in favor of using outrunners as I believe this is the right way to build motors. The problem is they are harder to cool and they are harder to protect from gravel.

One of my friends suggested taking a metal colander apart and use the filter to protect the internal parts of the racer. And so I did smiley

We discussed two ways of protecting the motor. One way was to protect just the motor and the other way was to protect all the parts inside the car. I selected the second option.

So I cut the filter off the colander, cut it to shape so it would fit on the front and the rear of the chassis, leaving the gear boxes outside the protected area. Then I drilled four holes in the chassis and mounted the filters on the chassis using four screws.

With the filters mounted I bendt them to shape so they would fit beneath the body. I think the result is just as I want it to be smiley

I tried it out yesterday and the result seems OK so far. I encountered a different problem yesterday. Once again the pinion gear came loose, so I won’t say I have tested this gravel guard sufficiently yet.

The pinion is a different story and it seems I should learn how to use loctite. There seems to be several different kinds. Currently I am trying with blue.

More info and a picture of the gravel guard will follow later.

Truggy painted

Anderson 1/18 Truggy Posted on May 27, 2009 18:41:51

I found some time to paint my new truggy last weekend. I selected colours inspired by the Lotus JPS 78 F1 cars: Black and gold. Then I selected a classical paint scheme for my car: Two stripes going from front to the end. Check the pictures below.

Currently I am having trouble with small stones coming into the motor. Until now nothing has been damaged but last time i raced that brought the car to a stop. I guess that is what you get from selecting an outrunner. Now I am designing a solution so the stones won’t go into the body. More info will probably follow.

First, enjoy the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures smiley

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